Amul Research and Development Association (ARDA)

As a part of milk production enhancement programme and improve cattle breeds of farmer producers Amul initiated various development programmes. Amul Research and Development Association is a step towards it.

While the breeding programme was initiated as back as in 1952 with two Surti bulls from the Kanjari village of Kaira district, visionaries like Dr Kurien, Father of White Revolution in India, realized that without a scientific and professional approach in management of breeding and animal health care development cannot take place. As a result of this, a new centre was established in 1964 and registered the same under Societies Act of 1860 as Amul Research & Development Association (ARDA).

Today ARDA is a centre of excellence in the field of research and development of cattle breeding and animal health care and its activities conform to the Quality Management System of International Standards.

Further it has also been recognized as a Scientific & Industrial Research Organization by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, and Government of India.

ARDA carries out various activities for sustainable dairy husbandry. Some of the programmes are: Semen Production, Preservation and dispatch for Artificial Insemination, Progeny Testing, Fertility Improvement, Dairy Heard Improvement, Mass Vaccination and Deworming, Mapping of soil for Deficiency of Minerals, Animal Nutrition, Development of Village Resource Persons (Inseminators) for Artificial Insemination and First Aid, Extension Education for farmers on Good Management Practices in Dairy Husbandry etc. and the services are provided even at the door step of farmers.

ARDA has today an enthusiastic team of field veterinarians, Para veterinarians and more than 1000 trained Livestock Development Agents to serve the farmers. It serves the farmers through a network of 1054 Liquid and Frozen Semen Centers.

Its continuous effort has brought milk procurement from a few cans to on an average procurement of 3.3 millions liters per day and in winter peak almost 4.4 million liters. ARDA has significantly helped in managing the livestock of farmers thereby their income, livelihood and quality of life.

In order to further strengthen its activities, ARDA is in constant touch with national and international agencies, academicians and researchers and even provide platform for graduates and postgraduate students to do their research work to fulfill their academic purpose.