Chairman Speech

FY 2015-16 Chairman’s Speech
Shri Ramsinh Prabhatsinh Parmar
Chairman, Amul Dairy

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Ladies & Gentlemen
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to this 70th Annual General Meeting of our union. With continued cooperation and goodwill from all of you, our union has been able to continue its stride and conquer further heights in overall development, quality and production during the year. It is a matter of pride for all of us. Letus all join to express our gratitude to the great visionaries like late Shri Sardar Vallabhai Patel, late Shri Tribhuvandas Patel late Dr. V. Kurien who had contributed immensely in shaping Amul.

I draw your kind notice that more than half of our Indian rural households do not have any land holding. About 40% are marginal and small farmers whose life solely depends on agricultural revenue. Most of these farmers earn their livelihood from a combination of farm and non-farm incomes.

Dairying in India Is considered to be the backbone of small to medium farmers for the sustainable economic needs throughout the year irrespective of any major influencing factors like drought, monsoon and other economic uncertainties.

The Year 2015-16 has been tough for international dairy trade. Ban on export / import of dairy products by Russia, demand slump in China, doing away with milk quota in Germany in and EU resulted chaos in international dairy industry. Majority of the milk producing countries have reduced farm gate prices paid to milk producers’ to the extent of 30% of 60% in 2015 as compared to 2014. This had greatly affected international dairy markets, wherein commodities like, SMP, WMP and Butter prices dropped up to 30% in 2015 as compared to previous year. This international slump had affected the dairy markets in India also. During 2015-16, SMP prices dropped from Rs. 230-250 to Rs.130-150 per Kg. This lead to reduction in procurement prices in the range of Rs.4-8/ Litre of Milk in most parts of India except Gujarat.

I am very happy to share that in spite of such major disturbances both within and outside the country, Amul withstood the pressures. During the year 2015-16, we not only paid higher prices to out milk producers at Rs. 661/Kg. Fat, but also achieved 11.5% growth in milk procurement. Due to your continued faith, support in co-operative sustainable economic growth, our dairy is progressing with an impressive growth, setting example of excellent management of business. We should all be proud of this.
Milk Procurement
I am glad to note that Anand, Kaira and Mahisagar districts continued its supremacy in milk production as usual and procured on an average 19 lakh milk a day during 2015-16 totaling to 71 crores kgs milk during the year.

Milk Procurement initiatives in West Bengal have Shown remarkable success and presenty through 206 Societies we procure 2.35 lakh Kg milk on an average per day and procured 8.6 crores Kgs quality milk during the year which is 43% higher compared to last year. We have manufactured products like Flavored Milk, Curd, Lassi, Ice Cream, etc. in West Bengal. We plan to procure 4.0 lakh kgs milk a day though 300 societies in West Bengal for the year 2016-17. I am happy to note that our initiatives have been wholeheartedly accepted by local producer member of West Bengal and helped in improving their economic conditions.

In Maharashtra during the year we have procured 7.65 crore Kgs quality milk establishing 81 Societies. In Order to augment milk procurement at Maharashtra we have given extensive training to producer members at Anand.
In Punjab during the year we have procured 2.15 crore Kgs quality milk establishing more than 100 Societies. The producers of Punjab are very proud to be associated with Amul.

I call upon all members and societies to take advantage of the modern dairy technologies to produce more milk and support us in our endeavors.
Milk Procurement - New Areas
To cater the rising demand and making available quality products reasonable time and price we have started procurement of milk from Kolkata.

Pune , Mumbai, Batala in Punjab and established packing stations. This is manly done as reaching milk from Anand to such long destinations affect the quality of products. As you are aware we have established a most modern automatic dairy plant at Virar, Maharashtra and procuring milk through Amul Pattern. Amul operations outside Gujarat have been successful. I am happy to share that around 28% of total milk collected by union is from outside Gujarat. This has helped for better remuneration to our farmers.
During the year our Union continued production of various products like Milk Powder, Butter, Ghee, Flavored milk, Kheer, Chocolate, Paneer, Cheese and Ice cream. We have been able to produce quality products of world class standard metting the demand of national and international consumers.

Continuing our commitment to the consumers during the year 2015-16, we have produced 15% and 25% more milk powder and Ghee, respectively at Anand plant.

At Khatraj Plant, milk powder production increased by 18% You will be happy to note that whey powder produced at Khatraj Plant is used as raw material by many large industries and we could produce 5560 MT whey powder. Moreover, we have also produced 10,000 MT Cheddar Chesse and 15000 MT different verities of processed cheeses during the year.

During the financial year we manufactured 3045 MT chocolate and 9042 MT Amullite / Delicious our Mogar Food Complex which is 10% and higher than last year. Premium Kaju Khatri (traditional sweet) production witnessed a remarkable 97% increase during the year.

At Kolkata we produced 54 lakh liters Ice Cream, 31 lakh liters flavored milk and 119 lakh Kgs Curd. The demand of quality Amul products at Kolkata is increasing and we are sure we will be able to cater to the increased demand.

We have started production and dispatches of Ghee, Paneer and Shrikhand from Waterloo (USA) plant during the year.
Satellite Dairies
Among satellite dairies, we witnessed maximum business generated from West Bengal operations. Presently on an average 7.10 LLPD milk is being packed and sold in Kolkata totaling to 25.70 crore litres. Also Curd and Ice Cream sales have increased 26% and 14% respectively. Our efforts are continuous to capture more market share.

At Pune and adjoining markets we are selling Milk, Curd and Butter Milk. Despite increasing competition, we have sold more than 5.5 crore litre milk and 2009 MT Curd which is 9% and 22% respectively higher than last year. During the year we also sold 18 lakh litre Butter Milk which is 60% higher than last year.

You will be glad to note that in our Virar, Mumbai plant (1st Robot run Plant of India) we are processing 6 lakhs litres milk a day which can be expanded to 10 lakh litres a day. In this plant presently we are packing and selling about 5.0 lakh litres milk a day and during the year we sold about 18.50 crore litres milk. Amul Ice-Cream sale from Virar plant increased by 47% during the year as compared to previous year.
Cooperative Development Programme
The farmer members are the backbone in our co-operative dairying. They produce quality and clean milk to Union and with their effort we aim to procure 30 lakh liters milk per day in the coming years. As part of CD programs we educate them on cattle rearing, milk shed Hygiene, milking machine schemes, clean milk production and productivity improvement. During the year we organized 300 such programs. More and more societies are certified for ISO certification. Presently 1050 societies have certified for ISO Standard which shows their their commitment in quality system to produce clean milk.
Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC Project)
During the financial year Union has implemented TSC Project to improve the sanitation at the village level. Interest free loan was provided to the beneficiaries and we could complete 6862 toilets through 73 societies. It is our request to all the milk producer members to take maximum advantage of this programme.
Information Technology
In its commitment to speedy and errorless data communication from the Village DCS to Centralized data center at Union, Amul introduced Amul Automatic Milk collection system (Amul AMXS)- a dedicated software.This will improve speedy data transfer, ease of data management, web based application and ensuring data security with automatic SMS notifications.

The dedicated software will automatically sends SMS on the quantity of milk received, fat and the amount of milk to the producers. The producer members can obtain entire details of their account through mobile applications. As the same time Chairman and Secretary of the Society can obtain updated information of his Society through smart phone applications. Each and every society have their own web pages and relevant information about societies, circulars, and all other details can be viewed on line.

Introduction of SAP, veterinary call center, online society supervision, Amul Dan Call Center, employee self-service portal and CCTV monitoring system have established successful use of integrated Information Technology from overall benefit of the business.
Amul Research & Development Association (ARDA)
ARDA has introduced many program to improve the health of the cattle and to increase the productivity. ARDA has treated 6.95 lakh animals through 13 Veterinary Centers. At Ode Semen Station, we have produced 35.00 lakh doses of high quality semen, NDDB under NDP-I has provided necessary equipments and financial assistance to upgrade the semen station which we have successfully completed.

Initiatives were taken to distribute 2000 doses of imported semen of high yielding animals, of which 391 animals are pregnant. After calving male calf will be reared for semen production and female calf will be used in Bull mother Farm for productivity enhancement program.

In the year under reporting, through 1100 Al centers, total 8.84 milch animals were given artificial insemination. For effective distribution of semen, Nitrogen cylinders are being provided and presently 767 societies are taking advantage of this facility. We are making use of “Ultrasonography” facility as a part of infertility Treatment.

Infertility of milch animals has always been a bottleneck in dairying. We have introduced infertility Improvement Program to tackle this issue. Under this program, in the first 7 phases we have treated total 1.10 lakh infertile animals through 537 societies out of which 80,593 animals have become pregnant. During the year under infertility improvement program in 8th phase, 56,011 infertile animals were treated in 1510 FIP camps, results of which found to be satisfactory.

To combat parasitic diseases we have distributed 7.89 lakh packets of medicated cattle feed at subsidized rates. For controlling infectious diseases we have provided vaccination to 10.39 lakh animals for FMD, 6.04 lakh animals for HS, 29710 cross bread animals for Theileriosis and 90, 880 claves for Brucellosis. All these program’s and preventive measures will go in long way to improve the health of milch animals and productivity.
Preserving Environment
Climatic changes world over coupled with global warming is a serious threat to humanity and we need to open our eyes towards this. With your support Amul has been able to continue Tree Plantation in a big way and planted more than 8 lakh plants through 310 Societies. I thank one and all for your participation for such noble cause.
Training :
You all are aware that our operations are now not limited to Gujarat but spread over in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Batala anr khamano in Punjab establishing processing plants. The activities have grown manifold. We need experts and skilled manpower for running these operations, during the year 1021 employees underwent various training programmes. We trained 44 employees in various modules by different organizations.
Our Gratitude
Before I conclude, may I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to one and all, who have helped us in achieving the progress. I thank –
  • To all producer members who have donated Blood in various camps organized during the year. The committee members of societies have taken great interest in organizing blood donation camps. I congratulate all of you.
  • Amul Research & Development Association and the members of the Governing Council for their cooperation and support during the year.
  • Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., Anand (GCMMF) for marketing our products in domestic as well international markets. The financial year 2012-13 has witnessed remarkable growth in sales and I thank the team of GCMMF, its Managing Director and specially Chairman for his cooperation.
  • National Dairy Development Board, Anand, National Cooperative Dairy Federation, Anand for the support extended during the year.
  • Sincere thanks to the Central & State Government Departments, the State Registrar of Cooperative Societies, District Registrar (Cooperatives), Director of Animal Husbandry, Director of District Rural Development Agency, Chief Executive Officer (Milk Audit) and Special Auditor (Milk), Anand the District Collectors of Anand and Kheda Districts, The District Development Officers and Municipal Authorities for their cooperation and support.
  • I thank Gujarat State Social Development Board, Scheduled Caste Development Corporation and Backward Caste Development Corporation.
  • Chairman, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Superintending Engineer and Officials of Gujarat Electricity Board have always extended necessary cooperation whenever needed, thanks to all of them.
  • We are thankful to financial institutions, Banks – KDCC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, National Housing Bank, NCDC, Central Bank of India for smooth transaction of various funds.
  • We express our gratitude to National Cooperative Development Corporation for the assistance in establishing Bulk Milk Coolers Project as well as Godown at cattle feed factory.
  • Our sincere thanks to Vidya Dairy, Dairy Science College, Agricultural College, Veterinary College and also the Institute of Rural Management, Anand for their support and cooperation.
We are also thankful to
  • ISO Consultant, SAI GLOBAL TUV, Sour Asean Laboratory, Railway Board and all their Departments, Maharashtra Milk Federation, West Bengal Milk Federation and Khatrej Milk Union, KAIRA Can Co. Ltd., Indian Dairy Products Ltd., Dollons Food Products Ltd., Kolkata and IGLOO Dairy, Mumbai.
  • The Committee members of Societies, our distributors, transporters and insurance companies and other suppliers for their cooperation for maintaining our standards during the year.
  • My colleagues, the Members of Board of Directors, all those institutions and individuals who have directly or indirectly extended their help and cooperation to us also deserve our sincere thanks.
  • The farsightedness approach of our Managing Director needs special mention without whose active administrative and technical excellence the progress of our Union would not have been possible. Let us all join in extending our heartfelt gratitude to him and his team of employees for the excellent work done during the year.
Jai Kisan Jai Sahkhar Jai Hind
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