In 1994 Shri Kanon Krishna of Advertising and Sales Promotion (ASP) Advertising Agency, Mumbai once asked Federation Officer “Why should Amul hire us when there are 525 other advertising agencies around in India?” “It is”, he replied his own question, “because we go the extra mile”, He went on to explain that in search of a corporate slogan and logo for Amul he had to bring in “taste” and the “diverse” nature of our country. To catch a glimpse of this or a slice of India as it were, he used to go to Matunga in Mumbai, which had denizens from many states, on Sundays.
The earlier clips of the campaign when Amul, The Taste of India went on air tried to connect Amul with "food" and "taste" and fix it in the viewers' mind before the campaign went on to promote a variety of Amul products.

The need for a new corporate Amul logo was being increasingly felt because the Federation dairies began making more and more different dairy products. And the polka dotted dress wearing cute girl after all covered only Amul Butter, even though at that time, Butter was our flagship product, and in many ways still is.

It took many sittings of ASP Advertising with Dr Kurien and other Federation Officers to finally approve the Taste of India logo with its red and green background. In the last meeting Dr Kurien asked Shri Kanon Krishna, "But how will this insignia look on my products?" Shri Krishna said, excuse me, and sipped down his jersey to display the bright "Amul, The Taste of India" emblazoned on a white "T" shirt that he wore. Yes, he had come prepared. He distributed some more "T" shirts to the officers present. So fond did Dr Kurien become of this logo that he would ask in the meetings with other ad agencies covering different other products, "Have you included The Taste of India" in your Artwork?"

When people driving by the Federation Office at Anand at night look at the shining Taste of India neon sign, they may not know that after going the extra mile for Federation and giving it an unforgettable logo, its author died at the age of 48 after serious cardiac problems.

The Taste of India – these four words are more than what the common man may think of these – a mere slogan. Advertising people call this corporate positioning. But jargon apart these four words lend meaning to Amul's never ending crusade; they reinforce Amul's commitment of taking quality food products right down to the rural man, products, the common man otherwise would have never afforded. It was Amul that first made chocolate affordable to the 'aam admi', then followed the same with Ice Cream, pizza and a gamut of value added products. Who would have thought that a tailor in Azamgarh or a traveling salesman in Barabanki, UP would be digging into a cup of Amul Ice Cream on a hot summer day?

But Amul's networking, pricing and more so commitment to reach every part of India has made this possible. Shri Kanon Krishna truly understood what Amul stood or and therefore aptly believed that "The Taste of India" said it all.

Source: OUR TRYST WITH QUALITY: GCMMF EXPERIENCE 1994-2007; Author Dr Sham S Chaudhry


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