Training and Development programme of Amul is an ongoing programme since its inception as it believes the development of the institution lies in the development of the people – producer members. It organizes various training programmes based on the need and a few of these are as follows:
VMS Workshops: This programme aims at to create a document on Vision, Mission and Strategy for Village Dairy Co-operative Societies. This process has helped to involve and develop dairy farmers for their future planning and review of the growth thereby improve their income and quality of life.
Milk Day Celebration: This programme aims at bringing together all members, including Chairman, Management Committee Members and respective producer members of Dairy Co-operative Societies to identify and solve their problems. This programme is attended by the respective Board of Director and Chairman from the District Union, Internal Consultant of Co-operative Department of District Union.
Amul Darshan: This programme aims at exposing producer members to various facets of dairy operations to keep them informed and aware of the development and adopt to good management practices in production of milk. The exposure visits include visit to Cattle Feed Plant, Dairy Plant, Chocolate Plant, Dairy Demonstration Farm and presentation by the Co-operative Development Group.
Management Development Programme: This programme aims at capacity building of Secretaries of Dairy Co-operative Societies in better management and maintenance of ISO standards. For the Management Committee Members it imparts training on management strategies, co-operative laws and their roles and responsibilities.
Zonal Meeting: This programme aims at review of internal audit on Quality Management System and Cleanliness of Dairy Co-operative Societies for continuous improvement. This helps in knowing achievements and identifying grey areas for improvement.
Village Group Discussion: It aims at encouraging discussion among dairy farmers on scientific animal husbandry practices and its application. The discussions are facilitated by the Internal Consultant of District Union.
Awareness and Refreshers Training: It aims at training of Dairy Co-operative Society personnel on Quality Management System in order that the ISO is effectively followed.
Dairymen Training: This programme aims at building managerial skills of progressive farmers who have more than five milch animals to bring more success in their dairy husbandry.
Development Review: This programme aims at District Union’s review of the comparative progress of five year programme of Dairy Co-operative Societies and suggests remedial measures.
Self Managing Leadership Programme: Amul undertakes Self Managing Leadership Programme for women resource persons through Brahmakumari Iswariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at Mt. Abu to bring a value based approach in development process.
Amul Patrika: It is an in-house Newsletter distributed monthly to producer members to strengthen their knowledge on scientific animal husbandry practices, quality of milk and sharing success stories.